Beta Motor
First 4stroke MX. New RX 450.

In 2023, Beta's project to expand the horizons of RideAbility has officially entered the new dimension of Motocross in Europe, first with the RX 300 two-stroke and now with the king of motocross bikes, the RX 450 four-stroke! It is officially the first four-stroke motocross bike built by the Italian manufacturer; for enthusiastsof all riding abilities,this translates into the first chance to ride the Beta MX bike closest to the race prototype which has been competing in the MXGP World Championship for the last three years. A race-ready bike in all respects, designed for Motocross circuits all over the world as has never previously been possible. The design is completely newfrom the ground up: the frame, engine and components are of the highest level, just like the project behind it: bringing the new horizons of RideAbility to the MX world.What does RideAbilitymean for Beta? It meansto design a MX model that appeals to everyone of all levels.Betamotorcycles are designed by a team of engineers based out of Florence, Italy with a mission statementto provide all riderswith a motocross model that is easier overall to ride while still providing a top level of performance. This is thanks to an engine-frame combination which is able to provide a fun ride without no reason to ever fear the world championship-level performance of the engine.Debuting in the MXGP circuit just a few years ago,the RX 450prototypes have provided the knowledge that can only come from a top-level of racing. These early one-off models provided the base layout and design for the production model. The RX 450 4Twill join it’s younger brother the RX 300 2Ton race tracks all over the world.

The technical design of the RX 450 is totally new; more specifically:Frame:designed from the ground up as an all-new frame, specifically designed and dedicated for motocross use.The main sparof the frame is widerin designto withstand the stresses from repeated landings, making it much stiffer overall yet supple enough for cornering. This translates into a precisechassis that provides a planted feeling in corners and a light feeling while in the air.Rear sub-frame and filter box:The RX 450 has a new aluminium rear sub-frame which provides rigidity to the bike despite its light weight,providingthe strength needed for demanding needs of motocross. This new component is perfectly integrated with the new filter box, never previously used on Beta models. The new filter box and sleeves, combined with the new 46 mm throttle body, provide a significantly different air flow than that required by an enduro bike, creating optimum air flow to keep up with the performance of the new engine. Access to the filter remains on the left side of the bike, and is extremely easy and intuitive, as well as being tool fre


Plastic parts:while the front shrouds, recently redesigned for RR models as well, remain unchanged in their form, the rear features a new sleek and aggressive tail which, not being a structural component, fits into the new aluminium rear sub-frame and, as previously mentioned, allows access to the filter box via a convenient connection. The fuel tank is a smaller design andhas a capacity of around seven litres.Fork and Shock:Kayaba, with 48 mm stanchions at the front and 50 mm piston at the rear. Both components are completely adjustable in terms of their settings, and represent an ideal compromise between rideability and performance, thanks to continuous development on the track. The bike has been set up by the technicians inRignano to make it stable and accurate, but always easy and sincere in its response. The main difference in the suspension compared to the enduro models is the greater travel of the front fork, with specific calibration for motocross, while the single shock is completely new. This is larger than the one the RR models are equipped with toprovide greater support on landings thanks to greater hydraulic damping, and more consistent performance with demanding use, where the temperature tends to rise and so it becomes more complicated to maintain performance.